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American Idol Judges
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American Idol Judges

Since 2001, when American Idol first burst onto the American entertainment scene, the star-making television show has featured seven regular judges, and one on-camera host.

Below is a list of the American Idol Judges from Season One to the Present.


Randy Jackson (2002-Present)

Randy Jackson

Jennifer Lopez (2011–Present)

Jennifer Lopez

Steven Tyler (2011–Present)

Steven Tyler

Paula Abdul (2002–2009)

Pauila Abdul

Simon Cowell (2002–2010)

Simon Cowell

Kara DioGuardi (2009–2010)

Kara DioGuardi

Ellen DeGeneres (2010)

Ellen DeGeneres

Ryan Seacrest (2001-Present)--Host of American Idol

Ryan Seacrest




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