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Elvis Presley
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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley on Stage


Elvis Presley


Elvis Aaron Presley -(January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977).

Known as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley dominated American popular music in the 1950s, and became even more famous after his tragic death in 1977.

Born into a poor Southern family, Elvis Presley's blend of rockabilly, gospel, and black-influenced rhythm and blues, along with his sexual swagger, made him into the most popular and influential artist to a generation of music fans.


Elvis in the Army

Elvis Presley in his U.S. Army uniform

Elvis and Nixon

Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon Meeting


Elvis Jumpsuit

Elvis Presley singing in Hawaii wearing his famous white jumpsuit


Elvis Jailhouse Rock

Elvis Presley in a Jailhouse Rock publicity photo

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