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Katherine Jenkins

(b. 1980)

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Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

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Katherine Jenkins Singing "God Save the Queen"

Katherine Jenkins (b. June 29, 1980) is a singer who has gained fame in both classical and pop music, thereby becoming what is termed a "crossover singer." Katherine Jenkins is Welsh-born and her albums have proven hugely successful. Six of her first seven albums reached number one in the classical music charts, for a total of four million albums sold. Jenkins' fifth album, Rejoice, was released in 2007, and beat out the Spice Girls in sales.

Jenkins is considered a mezzo-soprano in the musical world, and is fairly well-known in her native United Kingdom. In terms of her personal life, she dated British television presenter Gethin Jones for four years, and they became engaged in February 2011. However, within a year of the engagement, they announced the end of their relationship via Twitter.

Katherine Jenkins Sings "God Save The Queen"


Katherine Jenkins has also worked as a model, a music teacher, and won several awards while still an amateur. Katherine Jenkins is perhaps best known in the United States for her participation in the popular television show, Dancing With the Stars, in which she is paired with professional dancing partner Mark Ballas.

When Katherine Jenkins took the dance floor with her partner, Mark Ballas, on the 2012 premiere of the show, Dancing With the Stars, she was, for the most part, an unknown "star" to Americans. Her graceful waltz with Ballas, along with attaining the highest score of the evening, with 26 out of 30 possible points, propelled her to instant fame and acclaim in the United States.

As the competition on Dancing With the Stars continued into mid-May, Katherine Jenkins and her dance partner remained fan favorites, and have a good chance at winning the dance contest.

Katherine Jenkins' name again hit the public's attention with rumors of an affair between Katherine Jenkins and David Beckham. Beckam is perhaps the world's most famous soccer player. Katherine Jenkins denied all rumors, declaring on her Twitter account, that she has only met Beckham twice, and that she never had an affair with him.



Katherine Jenikins Singer

Katherine Jenkins


Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins Calendar Photo

Katherine Jenkins 

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Katherine Jenkins Discography:

Katherine Jenkins Studio Albums

Premiere (2004)

Second Nature (2004)

Living a Dream (2005)

Serenade (2006)

Rejoice (2007)

Sacred Arias (2008)

Believe (2009)

Daydream (2011)


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