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Ronnie Montrose
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Ronnie Montrose

Ronnie Montrose

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Ronnie Montrose (November 29, 1947 – March 3, 2012) was a rock guitarist and leader of several rock bands, including the self-named Montrose, and Gamma. Ronnie Montrose died March 4, 2012 at the age of 64 after suffering from prostate cancer for the preceding five years.

Born in San Francisco, but raised largely in Coloroado, Ronnie Montrose took his early influence from legendary rock and blues guitarists Eric Clapton, Johnny Smith, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Jimmy Hendrix, and joined his first band



Video of Ronnie Montrose performing "Town Without Pity" in 1991

Ronnie Montrose got his start as a professional rock guitarist with Van Morrison, playing the guitar in Morrison's 1971 album Tupelo Honey. He then joined the Edgar Winter Group, playing on the hits "Frankenstein" and "Free Ride"in 1972.

After leaving the Edgar Winter Group, Ronnie Montrose formed his own, self-titled band Montrose with Sammy Hagar on vocals, b Bill Church on bass and drummer Denny Carmassi.



Ronnie Montrose and his Montrose band


Ronnie Montrose  

Sammy Hagar and Ronnie Montrose

Two Old Rockers: Sammy Hagar and Ronnie Montrose


Montrose Album Cover 

Montrose Album Cover


Ronnie Montrose Discography:

Ronnie Montrose Solo albums

Open Fire (1978)

Territory (1986)

The Speed Of Sound (1988)

The Diva Station (1990)

Mutatis Mutandis (1991)

Music From Here (1994)

Mr. Bones (1996)

Roll Over And Play Live (1999)

Bearings (1999)

Ronnie Montrose Albums With the band Montrose:

Montrose (1973)

Paper Money (1974)

Warner Brothers Presents... Montrose! (1975)

Jump On It (1976)

Mean (1987)

The Very Best of Montrose (2000)

Ronnie Montrose with the band Gamma:

Gamma 1 (1979)

Gamma 2 (1980)

Gamma 3 (1982)

Gamma 4 (2000)

The Best of Gamma (1992)

Ronnie Montrose Session work with other artists and bands:

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey (1971)

Herbie Hancock - Mwandishi (1971) "Ostinato (Suite For Angela)"

Beaver & Krause - Gandharva (1971) "Saga Of The Blue Beaver"

Kendall Kardt - Buddy Bolden (unreleased solo LP 1971) "Buddy Bolden"[1] & "Black Train" [2] with Jerry Garcia

Boz Scaggs - Unreleased Muscle Shoals tapes (1971)

Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out at Night (1972)

Sawbuck - Sawbuck (1972) "Believe" and "Lovin' Man"

Van Morrison - Saint Dominic's Preview (1972) "Listen to the Lion"

Van Morrison - The Philosopher's Stone (1971/1972) "Ordinary People" & "Wonderful Remark" [compilation released 1999]

Kathi McDonald - Insane Asylum (1973) "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave", "Heartbreak Hotel" & "If You Need Me"

Gary Wright - The Dream Weaver (1975) "Power Of Love"

The Beau Brummels - The Beau Brummels (1975) "Down To The Bottom"

Dan Hartman - Images (1976) "The Party's In The Back Room" & "High Sign"

Tony Williams - The Joy of Flying (1978) "Open Fire"

Nicolette Larson - In the Nick of Time (1979) "Just In The Nick Of Time"

Lauren Wood - Lauren Wood (1979) "Dirty Work" (Steely Dan cover)

Jamie Sheriff - No Heroes (1980) "Soldier"

Paul Kantner - Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra (1983) "(She Is A) Telepath"

The Neville Brothers - Uptown (1987) "Whatever It Takes"

Various Artists - Guitar Speak (1988) "Blood Alley 152"

Various Artists - Born To Ski soundtrack (1991) "Born To Ski"

Marc Bonilla - EE Ticket (1991) "Razorback"

Marc Bonilla - American Matador (1993) "I Am The Walrus" (instrumental cover)

Anti-m - Positively Negative (1995) "Security", "Television", "Lonely" and "Iniki"

Edgar Winter - The Real Deal (1996) "Eye Of The Storm"

Sammy Hagar - Marching To Mars (1997) "Leaving the Warmth of the Womb"

CJ Hutchins - Out Of These Hands (1998) "Cannonball" (bass), "Cross-Leg", "Rock Me To Sleep", "Out Of These Hands", "What Went Wrong" (bass) & "Circus Song"

David Culiner - Implode (1999) "Human Shield"

Bruce Turgon - Outside Looking In (2005) "Outside Looking In"

Various Artists - The Songs Of Pink Floyd (2002) & Back Against the Wall (2005) "Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 2)"

Various Artists - Secondhand Smoke - A Tribute to Frank Marino (2005) "Try for Freedom"

Kevin Crider - Signatures (2006) "Stratosphere"






Ronie Montrose Links and Resources:

Ronnie Montrose Official Website

Ronnie Montrose Dead at 64--Loudwire

Ronnie Montrose Biography


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Montrose Performing "Bad Motor Scooter" with Sammy Hagar Search Engine


Ronnie Montrose Band History

1969: Sawbuck

1971: Van Morrison

1972: Edgar Winter Group

1973-1976, 1987: Montrose

1979-1982, 2000: Gamma