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(born 1947)

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Ronnie Wood on Guitar

Ronnie WoodRon Wood

(born 1947)

Ronald David "Ronnie" Wood (born June 1, 1947, London, England)- Rock guitarist and member of the Rolling Stones.

Ronald David “Ronnie” Wood (b. June 1, 1947, London, England) is a veteran English rock guitarist and bassist who has played in several major rock bands since the 1960s. His career is highlighted by his membership in The Rolling Stones 1976-Present), The Faces (1969-1975) and The Jeff Beck Group (1967-1969), as well as several other notable collaborations and various solo recordings. Ron Wood is also an accomplished artist.

On July 17, 2008, an announcement was made through Ronnie Wood's official website and blog that:


"Following Ronnie’s continued battle with alcohol, he has entered a period of rehab.

His close family and friends look forward to his recovery.

Thank you for all your kind messages of support.

Website HQ, 17/07/08, "

Other news sources reported that Ron Wood had engaged in a long drinking binge, and had been living with a 19-year old Russian woman named Ekaterina Ivanova, and that Wood's marriage was in jeopardy. Ronnie Wood and his long-time wife, Jo Wood, divorced in November of 2009 as a result of his ongoing relationship with Ekaterina Ivanova. Then, in December, 2009, Ron Wood was arrested on charges of assault. The victim of the alleged assault is Ivanova, who at the time lived with Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie Wood and Ekaterina Ivanova

Ronnie Wood and his Russian love, Ekaterina Ivanova

In 2012, Ronnie Wood and the other members of the Faces and the Small Faces, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While Woods' old pal and partner Rod Stewart could not attend due to health concerns, Wood and his old band-mates rocked out and showed the world that old guys could still rock with the best of them.

 In March of 2010, the Ronnie Wood Radio Show began airing. The success of this show, in which Ronnie Wood talks about music and interviews other rock luminaries, led to the launch of a tv show with behind-the-scenes footage of Ronnie riffing with his guests, as can be seen in the video below of Ronnie Wood and Alice Cooper. Ronnie Woods' radio show won two awards from the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards, in July of 2012.


Ronnie Wood interviewing Alice Cooper on The Ronnie Wood Show

Meanwhile, Ronnie Woods' Russian ex-girlfriend, Katia Ivanova, continued to show up in the news, and, as always, with Ronnie Woods' name attached to her fame. After a turn on the reality tv show Celebrity Big Brother after they split up in 2010, Ivanova more or less dropped off the media watch. But in July, 2012, Katia Ivanova returned to prominence with a topless photo spread in ZOO Magazine. And, as with her other media mentions, she is always identified as "Ronnie Woods' Ex."

Ronnie Wood Radio Show

Rolling Stone Ronnie's a Nightmare Says Girlfriend's Granny--ABC News, Dec. 5, 2009

Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood Arrested on Suspicion of Assault --Rolling Stone Magazine, Dec. 4, 2009

Ekaterina Ivanova Profile--

 Lunch with the FT: Ronnie Wood--Financial Times, July 19, 2008

Ronnie Wood Enters Rehab--post from Ronnie Wood's personal blog, posted 7-17-08

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Video of The Faces playing Sweet Little Rock 'N Roller with Keith Richards (guest guitarist) Search Engine



Ron Wood Bands and Groups

The Jeff Beck Group (1967-1969)

The Faces (1969-1975)

The Rolling Stones (1976-Present)

Associates and Rolling Stones Band Members Who Have Worked With Ron Wood

Bill Wyman (b. 1936)-Bass guitar (official Stone 1962-1991)

Mick Jagger - Vocals, harp, guitar (1961-Present)

Keith Richards - Rhythm Guitar, vocals (1961-Present)

Ian "Stu" Stewart- (1938-1985)--Keyboards, Road Manager-- (member of Stones 1961-1962, unofficial Stone 1962-1985)

Charlie Watts - Drums and percussion (1961-Present)

Billy Preston (1946-2006)--Keyboards-- (unofficial Stone 1970-1977)

Chuck Leavell --An often-used sideman and touring keyboards player for the Rolling Stones.

Nicky Hopkins (1944–1994)--Piano and Organ for the Rolling Stones as a session musician and as a touring keyboardist.

Darryl Jones-Bass guitar (unofficial Stone 1991-Present)  

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 Ron Wood

Ronnie Wood